Selene Moon Series

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The Selene Moon Series: The Selene Moon

Ren Whelan knows he doesn't fit in. Adopted shortly after his birth, Ren suffers from the same disease that killed his birth parents. His unnaturally pale skin and crippling monthly migraines make him stand out in the small town he lives in. Already labeled a freak, Ren doesn’t tell anyone he is haunted by a woman’s voice no one else can hear. He accepts his fate as a social outcast.

Fate, however, has other plans.

Ren is thrust into a world he never knew existed when he transforms into a werewolf. Taken under the wing of a nearby pack, Ren does his best to adapt to his new way of life. He meets the beautiful Lily, a member of the Royale vampire household who he is told to forget about. He learns about the Wolf Trials, a gladiatorial event where werewolves compete for pack prestige. As part of his pack duties, Ren becomes practice partners with Athan, a renowned Werewolf Warrior.

It is while he is training that it becomes obvious Ren isn’t like the other werewolves. He has powers that make the local Alpha wary. Powers that have drawn the attention of the mysterious Wolf King. As tragic events unfold around him, Ren must discover why he is so different. Who is the woman who whispers inside his head? Where did he really come from?

But once Pandora's Box is open, it can never be closed again.