Sunday, April 17, 2016

Book Title

If you follow my Twitter, you know I recently announced the upcoming title of book 1 from the Selene Moon Series. I've been going back and forth on titles since 2011. My first two title choices weren't important to the overall plot of the story. The third title I chose was about one of the main characters, but since the second book's title is about said character, I didn't want to make the title about this person two books in a row.

LOL, it's been a struggle, and as I get closer to finishing up editing before I sent it to an official editor, I figured the pressure was on to come up with a fitting title. Then it hit me last week. The series is called the Selene Moon Series. It seemed only fitting that the title from the first book be called, The Selene Moon. If you read the book (and I hope you do), you'll see it makes the most sense.

As you check out my website and Youtube channel, you'll probably see various titles bouncing around. I apologize for the confusion. But I'm really happy with this title so that's the one I'm going to stick with.

Be on the lookout for updates on The Selene Moon.

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