Monday, October 21, 2013

Story News

I spent all weekend giving my story another edit and fixing the areas that have been bugging me. Now, I'm in official negotiations to get the story professionally edited. Hopefully, they will be able to get it back to me before November 1, which is the day I'd like to publish my book.

And's a sneak peek. This is the picture I think I'm going to use for my book cover.

(If you'd like to use this photo, please purchase it on shutterstock ©andreiuc88 )

Edit: My story is now in the professional hands of Write Divas. I also did my book trailer....not sure when I'll post that though.


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  2. Ug sorry google is being weird today. I'm so happy for you and your book! I am in the process of self publishing a trilogy I wrote. I was curious, how does it work to purchase images on

  3. LOL, well, as I found out the hard way, don't sign up for auto renewal, but they offer you packages. You can buy 2 pictures for $29, or 5 pictures for $49, etc. Now if your series does really well and sells over 250,000 copies, you have to shell out more money for the pictures (at least that's how I understood it). Hope that helps and good luck with your trilogy!

    1. Wow, that I had no idea. I think maybe hiring a designer