Sunday, September 15, 2013

Story Update

Here's where I am at with my story. I've decided to self-publish after all. Right now I'm having one of my fan fic readers read through the story. Part of the book takes place in a certain setting, and since I don't have a lot of knowledge about said setting and she does, she's going to let me know if there are any inaccuracies. After that, I'm going to get my story professionally edited so if you decide to buy it, it'll hopefully be as clean as I can make it. From there, I'll publish it.

One of my other readers suggested I read Jamie McGuire's website. She's an author who started off by self-publishing and ended up having a best seller. She has a lot of good tips on how to do it. She said step #1 is to get your work copyrighted, which I already did. Then she talked about book covers. I never thought to use a stock photo for my book cover, which she suggested. I was going to just use a picture I had taken. It didn't have the effect I wanted though, so I checked out and found a royalty-free picture I really like. Another thing I want to do that is not mentioned on her site is to make a book trailer. I can use stock pictures, and I found royalty-free music on this site {X}.

For publishing, I'm going to post on Amazon and Smashwords (I think Smashwords will then distribute to companies such as Barnes & Noble, but I have to read more up on that.) Hopefully I will have all of this accomplished and my book available for purchase by the end of October or November.


  1. Hi Kelli,
    I followed on and loved all your imprint sagas. You are an amazing writer and I cannot wait to read an original story from you!

  2. Thank you so much! I'll keep everyone posted on where I'm at with publishing it. :)

  3. I can't wait to see the trailer! When do you hope to have it made and put up? I know you must be getting very excited to be at the finish line of getting your hard work out there for everyone to read. Best of luck!

  4. Thank you! I'm not sure when the trailer will be done. Maybe I'll do a teaser trailer soon. ;)