Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fan Fiction vs. Books

Every year I ask for books for Christmas, and I now have quite a collection. However, I never read any of these books because I spend all my spare time reading fan fiction. Some of the best stories I've ever read have been by fan fiction authors. They're unique while still maintaining the characteristics of the characters I love.

The problem is that's all I've been reading lately. So my goal is to start reading more books. Today, I finished the last of Amanda Hocking's "Trylle" series. I flew through the first two books, but I didn't like something that happened in the third book so I stopped reading it. But I can finally check that one off my list.

Now I'm kicking it old school and reading Anne of Green Gables (you can buy the ebook series on Amazon for $0.99!). LOL, this was a Christmas present I received from my neighbor when I was a little kid. She gave me the whole series, and they've been sitting around in their box set for, I'd say, 25 years. But I love the movie series staring Megan Follows and Jonathan Crombie. I remember watching the first movie when I was a tween, and I've been addicted to them ever since. I even once took a vacation to Prince Edward Island solely because I wanted the Anne of Green Gables experience. So because I love the storyline so much, I figured I should start reading the book. Hopefully, I can stick with it and not give into the temptation of fan fiction (or get bored with it).

One book that's coming out soon that I am looking forward to is the next Percy Jackson book. House of Hades will be released on October 8. I can't wait!

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