Friday, September 13, 2013

Book vs. Movie

Last weekend I started reading Anne of Green Gables. (Someday if I ever win the lotto, I'm going to buy this first edition. I mean, it's only $35,000, no problem. *weeping*) Anyway, I finished that book and now I'm on to Anne of Avonlea.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I grew up watching the Anne of Green Gables movies with Megan Follows. They were a huge part of my childhood so I was a little nervous that the books wouldn't match up to the movies (ironic, right?).

Here's what I love about the first book:

I love Marilla in the book so much more than in the movie. She's such a sarcastic shit, and there's nothing I appreciate more than a sarcastic character. Plus, I love her relationship with Anne so far. Marilla in the movies was so brittle toward Anne sometimes.

I like Rachel Lynde more. She's kinder.

Anne is so ridiculously overly-dramatic, I couldn't help but laugh out loud several times. The things that come out of that kid's mouth.

What I love more about the movies:

Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert. I had a crush on Gilbert growing up. He's so sweet and romantic, but he doesn't put up with Anne's crap either. My issue with the first book is there is a serious lack of Gilbert. I really love how the first movie developed Anne and Gil's relationship. It set the tone for the series, and I was kind of disappointed when certain things didn't happen in the book. Though I did like the very rare glimpses we got of Gil's perspective in the book. Hopefully, I'll get more Anne/Gilbert scenes in Anne of Avonlea, but it's not looking like it so far.

Things I'm side-eyeing:

Okay, I know it's the time period and Anne is very dramatic, but I'm seriously side-eyeing Anne and Diana's relationship. Let me paraphrase: "I love you so, Diana." "I'm going to hate any man that Diana marries." "When Diana and I grow up, we've agreed to refuse all marriage proposals so we can grow old together." The femslash is strong with these two.

So in summary, I would recommend the first book. It's a good, fun read. And as sad and pathetic as this might make me sound, the classics don't typically hold my attention, but this one did.

On another note, I've been listening to the audio version of the classic book, Dracula, at work--which you can buy on iTunes for $2.95. I decided to read/listen to the book because there is a local book club near my town that I want to join, and the next book they're going to discuss is Dracula in time for Halloween (link will take you to the free Kindle version). See, this would be another good book vs. movie for me, because the movie featuring Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder is my number one favorite movie. I think I'm currently on chapter 5 of the audiobook, and I'm already having the same dilemma I had with Anne of Green Gables. Where's the love story between Mina and Dracula? (Don't spoil it for me if you know.) I'll let you know my thoughts later on this one.

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