Thursday, June 13, 2013

Story Update

Hello! I've got some maybe exciting news and some disappointing news. First off, the not so good news. I've received nine rejections out of the twenty letters I sent. One person said my story was "interesting" but they didn't love it. Others sent the more generic, thanks but no thanks.

I can't really say I blame them. Despite the fact that I had three people read my first chapter as well as reading it a good twenty times myself, I found two really noticeable grammar errors in it today. And this is the chapter I sent out to a lot of them. Then I went back and looked at some of the query emails I sent out and noticed the font was messed up in quite a few of them. Between that and the grammar errors, it just didn't look professional. *sigh*

But onto the good news. I decided to not limit myself to just agents this time around so I sent out a query letter to a small publisher, and I got a response back today requesting more material! I'll keep you posted!


  1. This is awesome news. I know I haven't read your blog lately and hopefully you remember who I am ;) If you ever need help with Marketing, I'm a author PR and Marketing agent now. Just keep your head up and you will get there! :)

    Ali (You know me as Lady Ali lol)

  2. Ali! Of course I remember you. :)