Saturday, May 11, 2013

Almost ready

Hello! The book is almost ready. I had a family member read through the whole story and he gave me some feedback so now I'm giving it a final read through. In the meantime, I gave the synopsis and first chapter to a co-worker (who is a published author) as well as my former beta. Still waiting to hear back from the co-worker, but my beta told me what she liked and things that could be improved, which was so helpful. I also let another co-worker read the synopsis. We have the same taste in books and he was really excited about the story idea.

So I think I'm on the right track. When I tried to get my other story published, I only let a couple people in my family know what the story was about. This time, I got some outside perspective. I have about four more chapters to edit and then I have to go back and fix a couple areas. I told my co-worker that I was waiting on her feedback regarding the first chapter and then after I get that, I'll send it out to a few agents and see what happens.

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