Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teen Reading Trends 2011

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1. What are some of the trends in young adult literature in 2011?

While books about vampires continue to be popular, zombies appear to be the next big YA terror. Generally, books with supernatural aspects hold a lot of appeal to teens. Fantasy books continue to be popular. Romances and urban fiction are quickly gaining must-read status.

2. Do you see particular genres increasing in popularity?

Urban fiction is getting more and more popular, whether teens live in the big city or in small towns. At my library, we have a lot of teens who can’t wait for the next supernatural thriller (zombies, ghosts, vampires, etc.)

3. Are there certain themes or subjects that are particularly popular with certain, or all, YA groups?

Teens like stories with a lot of action, whether it’s a supernatural romance or a thriller.

The article goes on to talk about what teens are looking for in technology. Click on the source above to read more.

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