Tuesday, March 8, 2011


After I handed my manuscript to my dad to read, he said, "You know, I was talking to your aunt about your book. She said a friend of hers self-published their work, and a film company recently contacted him about turning his book into a movie. Maybe you should look into self-publishing." At which, I instantly scoffed.

I want to go the traditional way. I want to get signed by an agent and then hopefully get my book into the hands of a publisher. I want to walk into a Barnes & Noble someday and see my book on their shelf (lol, yeah, I've got big dreams).

But I read a post on a site where someone mentioned they were reading Amanda Hocking's self-published books, and they were really good (if you noticed the bestseller list I have on my blog, her books are currently ranked #1 & #3). I'm always on the lookout for a good book, so I began to investigate this author. She has some really interesting information about how she went about getting self-published on her blog. She got repeatedly rejected by agents, so she decided to publish on her own, and now she's sold thousands of books...all without the help of an agent or publisher.

So I started reading some articles online today about self-publishing, and I have to admit, I'm extremely overwhelmed. But I really want to get my story published. I already have two more books in the works after this one. If I try the traditional way of going through an agent and I fail, maybe self-publishing might not be a bad idea. I guess I'll wait and see what happens after I send out my query letters.


  1. At first I was adamant about going the traditional route with an agent and publisher, but after reading J.A. Konrath's blog and hearing Randy Ingermanson speak about the advantages of self-publishing at a conference I've completely changed my mind.

    I'm hanging on to my digital rights. Self-published no longer means "not good enough."

    Best of luck with your book which ever way you choose to distribute it!

  2. You too! Let me know how self-publishing works out for you.