Sunday, March 6, 2011

Editing Round One Is Now Complete

Well, it took me over a month to do, but I finally got the first round of editing done. As I type this, I'm printing out a couple of copies (my inner tree-hugger is seriously cringing right now).

The count is as follows...

First Draft Word Count:  89416

Second Draft Word Count: 93267

Word Count of Deleted Material (that I actually saved anyway): 2789

And now my stomach is in knots because I'm going to let a couple of people read this and I'm nervous. LOL, nothing would suck more than to have spent nine months of my life on this book and people hate it. Ah well, I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Edit: I told one family member what the book was about. Their response..."I probably won't like it. Those kind of books aren't my thing." Umm...thanks for being supportive, ass, lol.

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