Saturday, December 11, 2010


When I was doing some research the other day on what agents want in their writers, one stated that they want to know what the author is doing to promote themselves. This made me pause because I thought it was the job of the agent and publisher to promote the author. What I've found since then is that they'll promote you to a certain degree, but the author really needs to do a lot of work on their end as well. I mean, you're literally fighting thousands of new stories each year for readers. How can you reassure a potential agent that you'll get your book's name out there?

LOL, I think this is where my degree in public relations is going to help me. Something I read was that we have to think of ourselves as businesspeople first and writers second. Like all businesses, if you want to survive in this market, you have to be aggressive. So here's what I'm doing to promote myself.

For starters, I have this blog. Through it, people know that I'm working on an original story. That's the first step, and I send cyberhugs to all of you who have clicked the "follow this blog" button, because it truly helps me. I also created a Twitter account and I've created a website to showcase my work. Neither are ready to launch just yet, but I'll let everyone know when they are.

Another tool is a site I recently stumbled across called She Writes. It's a place that encourages and promotes women writers so I'm thinking of joining it. I also have the book trailer I created, which I mentioned in another blog post. I think I might post it online once my query letters start to go out. Hopefully, it'll generate some buzz for my book.

Something else I've started to do is follow agents on Twitter. Usually, they use it to socialize, but they also give out some great information once in awhile. One thing I'd love to start doing is attend some writers' conferences, but there aren't a lot that come to Michigan. If you have a chance to attend one, I'd go if I were in your place. Not only can you meet authors who have already been published, but you can also meet agents and publishers. It's a great way to get your foot in the door.

If I think of anything else, I'll let you know. I also found a helpful article on The Washington Post you should check out. It's more for people who are already published, but it might give you some ideas of what you can do to promote your work.

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