Thursday, November 25, 2010

NaNoWriMo Story

I've reached the NaNoWriMo goal of writing 50,000 words in 30 days! I had a lot of fun with this and met some great people who kept me motivated through various word challenges. (Word challenges are when you challenge someone to write a certain amount of words in X amount of time.) Everyone kept encouraging each other on Twitter, and I got to know people I've never spoken to before this event. It was also really helpful to work under a deadline. Some of us also had a friendly competition throughout the event to see who could achieve the higher word count, which was a great motivator for those who are competitive. Overall, it was a really positive experience. I'd highly recommend NaNo to everyone who wants to try to write a story.

Now, even though I've reached my goal, I still have quite a bit of writing to do. I think this story is going to be over 70,000 words by the time I'm done. Originally the story was only supposed to be thirteen chapters long. I recently reached the thirteenth chapter, and I'm no where near being done because I keep adding to my outline. Another NaNo writer and I have challenged each other to finish our stories by December 8. We'll see how it goes.

For anyone interested in writing a script, the same people who put on NaNoWriMo are doing a "Script Frenzy" in April. Here are the details:

Have you ever wished there were a version of NaNoWriMo dedicated to scriptwriting?

There is! Script Frenzy!

Write a movie, play, TV show, or graphic novel with us in April!

The Office of Letters and Light is proud to announce the fourth-annual Script Frenzy event coming up this April. For it, participants take on the challenge of writing 100 pages of scripted material in the month of April. Every writer who completes the goal of 100 pages is victorious and awe-inspiring and will receive a handsome Script Frenzy Winner's Certificate and web badge proclaiming this fact.

Even those who fall short of the word goal will be applauded for making a heroic attempt. Really, you have nothing to lose—except that nagging feeling that there's a script inside you that may never get out.

Who: You and everyone you know. No experience required.

What: 100 pages of original scripted material in 30 days. (Screenplays, stage plays, TV shows, short films, and graphic novels are all welcome.)

When: April 1-30. Every year.

Where: Online and in person. Hang out in the forums, join your fellow participants at optional write-ins all around the world. (Your NaNoWriMo user name works over at

Why: Because you have a story to tell. Because we all need creative challenges. And because making stuff feels great!

And on that note:


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