Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Post

I'm getting ready for NaNo, which starts next week. I want a clear picture of each of my characters in my head, so I'm going to post pictures of who I see in the roles. LOL, sorry for the randomness. This post is really only helpful to me at this point.

R - Main Hero

L - Love Interest

J - Friend

E - Friend

L - Friend/Foe

A - Friend

K - Foe

J - Foe

A - Counselor

B - Friend

T - Father

J - Mom


  1. amazing characters!!
    would i be able t read your new project?


  2. LOL, if I ever get it published, sure. ;)

    Seriously though, thanks for the interest!

  3. OMG I'm loving who you picked as the main hero. Just finished watching charmed on netflix and fell in love with his Chris character :)