Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Book Recommendation

Hello everyone! It's been a few weeks since I updated my blog. I've had a lot going on. Sadly, it hasn't been for my original story, but more to do with real life issues. Anyway, I recently had to go out to Arizona. While I was away, I finished reading a book that had been recommended to me called, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. I'd highly recommend this book to anyone, especially people who love history and vampires. (Or if you just love Lincoln like me.)

Though the book is fictional, the author cleverly mixes real facts on Lincoln with an original storyline. You're constantly questioning, did that really happen? You get the feeling while reading this book that you're actually reading a real life biography. LOL, I know by the end of the story, a part of me wished it had been real. The author adds his own theories on the mythology of vampires. It's also rumored that director Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands/Beetlejuice) is currently working on getting the book adapted for the big screen.

This story is a fun and quick read. If you're like me, once you finish this story, you'll be on the Internet researching to see what parts in the book actually happened. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

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