Friday, April 23, 2010

Tips For Writers

I was checking out my friend Ali's blog when I noticed something she posted on it. With her permission, I decided to repost it here.

She received a chart from her friend. It's a character chart. It allows you to do a breakdown of your character. It's five pages long in Word, but it will give you a lot of filler information.

For example, where was your character born? Do they have any pets? Are they married? What's their income level? What are their favorite colors?

You might not need this information for your story, but the better you know the character, the better you can get inside their heads. If you'd like to see the chart, you can find it here: Character Chart


  1. I love this!! I generally just write out my character info in a notebook, but having it organized on a chart is SO much better!

  2. I know right! So glad to come across this on Ali's blog. I printed it off, though I still have to do it, lol.

  3. Hey babe, I'm so glad you liked this and I hope your readers of your blog can use it as well...